Dev, Sec and Ops — A three-way made in tech heaven

The DevSecOps way



Security ASAP
  1. Separate teams doing Dev, Ops and Security means that when something goes wrong, the blame is passed around, thus wasting valuable time and learning no lessons.
  2. In a rush to deliver, we push critical fixes to later Sprints when a jaded dev team might be too high on the go live success to patch the vulnerabilities effectively.
  3. The rush to deliver — Everybody wants to push the envelop to get things into production. Clients, Product Owners, Managers and other stakeholders want the win yesterday. So there is a constant rush to put code into production asap. Good design and efficient code gives way to stop gap arrangements in code. Cargo culting inroduces further antipatterns.
  4. Not putting enough thought into securing the platform. Especially if an organization does not have a Cybersec advisory panel.



  1. SAST(Static application security testing) — Analyze at rest





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Ritesh Shergill

Ritesh Shergill

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