Event driven HATEOAS for ALT Service Mesh

Service Mesh

Event driven architecture

Event driven HATEOAS for ALT Service Mesh

  1. Forwarding addresses to new endpoints that expose new capability within applications.
  2. A service discovery like interface to list services for an api and discover new ones.

Lets look at an example:


  1. Any bank can be onboarded at any time.
  2. Any banking service can be added any time.
  3. Banks can move to new domains anytime and introduce new services into the system anytime.
  4. We can do a one time auth on the orchestrator to authenticate the user across the disparate banking apps.
  5. The customer can easily check what services are available and invoke the service for the correct bank by just providing Auth info, account id, action and amount one time, thus saving time.
  6. Disaster recovery is real time as Bank 1 simply needs to update the urls to its DR sites.




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Ritesh Shergill

Ritesh Shergill

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